Tune Learning

I find that many of my students learn a tune, and a year later, it’s forgotten. I think learning a tune is both an aural and an analytical process. In addition to listening to different recorded versions of a tune, (until you can sing the melody, and learn the lyrics if there are any) it’s really necessary to isolate the melody and harmony (both the chords and bass line) and master those. I’ve figured out a good step-by-step process to doing this. First practice the melody slowly, with a metronome, until it’s secure, then go on to the following steps.

2 comments on “Tune Learning

  1. Larry Dunlap says:

    Great method and advice, Bill. I will try this on my student Friday.

  2. Tj Martley says:

    Thanks for the wonderful lesson Bill. I would love to exchange links with your site. Maybe together we can help out other like minded people find decent resources for Jazz Piano on the web. Tj


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